About Your Treatment

What does a treatment involve?

A comprehensive health/lifestyle consultation will be undertaken at the beginning of the treatment session. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and be seated in a very comfortable lightweight recliner chair. Your feet will be gently cleansed before massaging un-perfumed talc into the feet to absorb any moisture. You can then just relax and concentrate on the reflexology or fall asleep. Reflexology will involve the application of firm steady pressure using mainly the side and pad of the thumb, & sometimes the fingers for certain reflexes. The amount of pressure will be varied to suit you, making sure it is not too heavy/painful or too light/ticklish. Areas that are out of balance might cause you a very short lived sharp pain.

A full treatment will take approximately 45mins to 1 hour and both feet will be treated to a variety of reflexology techniques linked to points which correspond to every organ, gland and every part of the body. During the treatment the reflexologist might notice congestion/tension/grittiness within certain areas/reflexes and will discuss this with you. Although one treatment may be of benefit, it is generally advisable to book a course of treatments e.g. 6 weeks to gain more benefit. Treatment is usually recommended at weekly intervals.


To receive maximum benefit from your Reflexology treatment it is best to rest for the next hour following treatment to enable your body to continue healing. It is advisable to drink sufficient water to help flush toxins out of the body. It is recommended that only a light meal is eaten, when required, either before or after your treatment. Avoid alcohol on your treatment day to further help with the elimination of toxins – alcohol will block this process. Sometimes your eliminating system might become extremely active in getting rid of toxins bladder, bowels, skin, runny nose etc

Reflexology suits all age groups and is a gentle, non-invasive therapy. It is thought to improve circulation of blood and lymph & cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. In certain circumstances the advice of your GP will be sought before treatment can commence to ensure the treatment is suitable to meet your needs.